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Seekr fuels innovation and unlocks productivity for businesses of all industries through responsible and explainable AI solutions.
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The Seekr Difference

Analyze and contextualize a sea of information

Seekr’s patented web crawling and scoring technology reduces errors and biases inherent in current foundation models, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Generate content and insights with confidence

Seekr combines its vast database of vetted information with Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG) to help you introduce generative AI accurately and responsibly.

Develop with AI that’s adaptable and explainable

Seekr offers an end-to-end AI toolset, allowing you to adapt and validate trustworthy AI across hardware and cloud platforms, all through a simple interface.

Solutions that solve real business problems


Grow reach responsibly with contextual AI

Context matters. SeekrAlign helps you discover the most suitable content to grow your reach responsibly with contextual AI analysis and an industry-first Civility Score.

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Generate smarter customer experiences using your data

Unlock your data’s potential. SeekrGenerate pairs trustworthy and transparent LLMs with RAG for powerful, personalized customer experiences via chatbots, content, and more.

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The simple way to build, scale, and validate trustworthy AI

Eliminate cost and complexity. SeekrFlow’s end-to-end toolset empowers you to build, scale and validate trustworthy AI on different hardware and cloud ecosystems, all through a simple interface.

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Adapt AI to your industry needs

Seekr’s AI solutions are adaptable to your company’s branding, market needs, and regulatory requirements, supporting optimal performance and compliance.

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Hear it from our customers

“Seekr’s AI-driven content analysis platform goes beyond anything we’ve seen available on the market. It helps simplify our process of finding safe and suitable podcast content to distribute our messaging responsibly.”

Nicholas Giorgio Director, Customer Acquisition at SimpliSafe

“As OneValley continues to expand worldwide, this unique partnership with Seekr will provide our customers with the knowledge they need to win in their markets. We expect usage to continue to grow and enhance life cycle growth from startup to big business.”

Nikhil Sinha CEO of OneValley

“Our partnership with Seekr is a big step forward in cleaning up digital advertising. It gives advertisers more transparency and contextual clarity into online content, which brands need to confidently and safely reach new audiences.”

Gregg Rogers Senior Director, Curation and Demand Partnerships

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