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Seekr respects your privacy and places a reliability rating next to each news search result so you can search with confidence.

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How Seekr Works

Reliability Ratings
Have Confidence In What You Find And Read

Access to information is a pillar of the modern world — Seekr believes reliability should be too. Offering Reliability Ratings — each news search results has a rating of high, medium, or low.

Information Filters
Control Your View

Giving control back to you, Seekr comes with a filter for you to actively sort search results based on article reliability. Our filters were made to cut through the noise, save you time from browsing irrelevant information, and give you the choice of what you consume.

Your Data is Secure

With Seekr, your privacy isn’t an afterthought: we make it a priority. Confidently search today’s top news stories while knowing that your personal data is never gathered, stored, sold, or shared.

Results-Based Advertising
Ads Based on Search Results — Not Your Data

Seekr’s ads are based on keywords — it’s as simple as that. Our Ads do not use personal information that you never agreed to provide. 

Seekr:  A search engine that puts you and transparency first

In an age of information excess, how do you know if what you are consuming is something you can actually trust? How do you know if information is reliable or not?
Seekr is an independent search engine revolutionizing information transparency starting with news. As an alternative Search Engine, Seekr reveals the reliability and political slant of today’s top news stories.
Seekr empowers individuals by giving them more choice and control, and will continue to do so with enhanced web search capabilities coming soon.

Seekr: Fast, Easy Access to Reliable News and Information

With Seekr, you can be confident in the information you search for online. We put the power of information transparency and renewed choice back in the hands of the people.

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Seekr is an independent technology company that specializes in internet-related services to help people make better, more informed decisions. Services include a search engine, news search, information evaluation and reliability ratings.

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