One platform for enterprises to build and run trusted AI

Reduce cost and complexity in your AI development. SeekrFlow helps developers build, run, and optimize AI workloads across platforms and hardware to accelerate AI innovation.

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Manage AI workflows from start to finish

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and inference

Run your LLMs on infrastructure optimized for your production environment.

Fine-tuning and alignment

Use proprietary techniques to control your models’ behaviors and align them to your principles.

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Operations and monitoring

Monitor and scale the performance of your LLM while in production and iterate as needed.

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and explainability

Use model-agnostic tools to easily analyze LLM behavior and compare models to optimize results.

The platform you need to launch AI in one place

Train and deploy LLMs with a single API call or leverage the SDK or GUI. Compatibility with all hardware and cloud platforms optimizes LLM efficiency from training to production, so you only pay for what you need.

SeerkFlow AI development platform

Customize LLMs to your unique needs with principle alignment

Reduce the downstream cost of RAG-based systems. With SeekrFlow, you can align AI to your enterprise’s desired principles, values, and industry regulations without the labor-intensive need to gather and process vast amounts of data.

SeekrFlow principle alignment

Let Seekr’s AI agent handle data preparation for you

Interact with our chatbot to define your requirements and let our virtual AI/ML engineer take care of data scraping, collection, and preprocessing. This system will automatically integrate the cleansed data into your workflow, saving you time and resources.

SeekrFlow AI agent

Trust outcomes with model-agnostic explainability tools

Access dashboards and tools that give insights into the internal working of complex models, revealing the intermediate reasoning steps and promoting contestability in the decision-making process.

SeekrFlow explainability

Intel and Seekr: world-class compute
at the best price performance

“The Intel-Seekr collaboration addresses a market gap of finding stable and trusted compute for companies to build trustworthy LLMs with responsibility at the core. AI startups and large enterprises alike are coming to Intel to access advanced AI infrastructure and software that can help jumpstart their innovation and growth.”

Markus Flierl Corporate Vice President
Seekr and Intel collaboration

Features to streamline your development

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Manage your entire AI workflow

Access a unified interface that integrates data preparation, fine-tuning, hosting, and inference for faster experimentation to deployment.

Rapid no-code development

Make AI development intuitive and accessible with explainability visualizations, efficient model management, and rapid action capabilities.

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Compatibility with popular models

Select from Seekr’s LLM or popular open and closed-source models. Build applications using fine-tuning (LoRA, RLHF) and quantization methods.

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Foundation model training

Optimize foundational model training for popular architectures using Megatron Deepspeed for low latency and high throughput.

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Instant inference of custom models

Seamlessly integrate your custom models. SeekrFlow determines optimal infrastructure and handles compatibility and autoscaling for you.

LLM production management

Easily track and monitor all LLM production activities with repeatable and reproducible pipelines for controlled scaling and resource management.

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Customized workflows

Customize your development pipelines and design bespoke production workflows for tailored LLM systems that address enterprise’s specific needs.

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Enterprise applications

Integrate fine-tuned or pre-trained models into enterprise applications (RAG or non-RAG), optimized for your specific needs and budget.

Build trustworthy AI faster with SeekrFlow

Accelerate AI innovation from one unified, explainable launch platform.