The simple way to build, scale, and validate trustworthy AI

Customizing AI can be time and cost intensive. SeekrFlow helps developers train and validate trustworthy AI using a workload-first approach—eliminating the complexity of training models on different hardware platforms and cloud ecosystems, all through a simple interface.

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The Seekr Difference

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Manage your AI workflow end to end

Manage your entire AI workflow through one simple interface that works across hardware and cloud platforms.

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Build on LLMs that best match your needs

Build production-ready applications from Seekr’s trustworthy LLMs, or select from popular open and closed source models.

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Control LLM behavior during training

Leverage proprietary technology to train AI to your predefined principles, company values, and industry regulations.

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Innovate faster with no-code development

Seekr’s full graphical user interface combined with no-code capability helps accelerate your time to market.

Collaboration with Intel

“The Intel-Seekr collaboration addresses a market gap of finding stable and trusted compute for companies to build trustworthy LLMs with responsibility at the core. AI startups and large enterprises alike are coming to Intel to access advanced AI infrastructure and software that can help jumpstart their innovation and growth.”

Markus Flierl Corporate Vice President

Start building with SeekrFlow

SeekrFlow is compatible with all major hardware and cloud platforms.

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