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Discover the highest quality placements, deepen audience connections, and uphold brand values with the next-generation brand suitability tool powered by responsible AI.

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Uphold Brand Safety with
GARM Standards Detection

Seekr Align evaluates web and audio content based on the GARM safety framework and detects risk levels of 11 categories from low to floor.

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Uphold Brand Safety

Maximize Brand Suitability with Seekr™ Civility Score™

Seekr’s proprietary AI scores content from low to high civility based on the level of personal attack in content, moving beyond other brand safety measurement tools for more precise targeting.

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Maximize Brand Suitability

Optimize Strategy and Grow Reach Responsibly

In-depth Content Analysis

Quickly access millions of data points and measure suitability at the publisher and URL level to bring clarity to your campaigns.

Real-time Data

Seekr scores content as fast as it’s published, giving you the most current information to inform your best strategies.

Custom List

Score your own custom list of placements or create and export new ones to speed up your targeting process.

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