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When it comes to media, context matters. SeekrAlign uses patented contextual AI to help brands and publishers reach the broadest, most brand-suitable audiences through accurate and transparent content evaluation.

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For Advertisers

Optimize your media for brand safety and suitability and maximize ROI with patented scoring technology.


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See how your content ranks against other industry players to strengthen your competitive edge.


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Deliver higher value for your clients by enabling reach in quality, curated media environments.

A new standard for brand safety and suitability

Evaluate content and context at superhuman speeds

Seekr’s patented Civility Score™ tracks personal attacks and measures severity within the context of spoken intent in a way that other keyword-based systems can’t, giving you insight into the real quality of the conversation.

The transparency you need to scale with confidence

Today’s brand safety offerings lack the transparency needed to discover suitable content that aligns with your goals. With over 20M minutes of analyzed audio and in-depth explainability features, SeekrAlign helps you make informed decisions to reach the long tail of podcasts and efficiently grow your reach.

Uphold brand safety with GARM evaluation

SeekrAlign scores podcast conversations against the GARM framework so you can evaluate shows based on your brand’s values and risk tolerance. Detect 11 categories of harmful content and measure the level of risk in the context of spoken intent.

Unlock more reach in curated, quality environments

Leverage Seekr’s contextual AI via SSP and DSP integrations to enable discovery of more brand-suitable opportunities in real-time. The Seekr Score™ detects a variety of suitability signals including clickbait, subjectivity, and unattributed sources to optimize ad campaigns at scale.

Hear it from our customers

“Seekr simplifies the process of finding safe and suitable podcasts by marrying world-class engineering with innovative and transparent ratings, allowing brands to navigate with nuance so they can confidently grow their audio campaign with increased clarity and speed.”

Dan Granger Founder & CEO of Oxford Road

“Seekr’s AI-driven content analysis platform helps simplify our process of finding safe and suitable podcast content to distribute our messaging responsibly.”

Nicholas Giorgio Director, Customer Acquisition

“Our partnership with Seekr is a big step forward in cleaning up digital advertising because it gives advertisers more transparency and contextual clarity into online content, which brands need to confidently and safely reach new audiences.”

Gregg Rogers Senior Director, Curation and Demand Partnerships

Grow your reach responsibly with SeekrAlign

Our vision is to be the omnichannel solution for clarity on content across all of your digital advertising plans. Get in touch to see and help shape what’s next on our roadmap.

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