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In a world of non-stop information, there is an ever-increasing need to be informed, not influenced. Seekr is an artificial intelligence company building trustworthy large language models (LLMs) that identify, score, and generate reliable content at scale.


From our beginnings in web search, our continuous innovation has led to a growing list of patented technologies that make the web safer and more valuable to use. Today, our models are built with expert human input and explainability to solve customer needs across industries—including content evaluation, generative AI, and training and validating trustworthy LLMs.


The Seekr Difference

Analyze and contextualize a sea of information

Seekr’s patented web crawling and scoring technology reduce errors and biases inherent in current foundation models, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Generate content and insights with confidence

Seekr combines its vast database of vetted information with Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG) to help you introduce generative AI accurately and responsibly.

Develop with AI that’s adaptable and explainable

Seekr offers an end-to-end AI toolset, allowing you to adapt and validate trustworthy AI across hardware and cloud platforms, all through a simple interface.

A world-class team committed to trustworthy AI

Seekr’s leadership team combines deep expertise in AI/ML engineering with proven industry leaders in product management, sales, marketing and more—all united by a mission to build AI solutions that are responsible and explainable.

Pat Condo
Pat Condo Chief Executive Officer
Pat founded six successful search tech companies over 30 years, with partnerships in telecom, defense, and advertising. As Seekr Technologies CEO, he pioneers AI solutions, redefining content evaluation and empowering users with bias-free applications.
Rob Clark
Rob Clark President & Chief Technology Officer
Rob holds over 20 years in AI and web-scale technologies, having led AI and search solutions for the world’s largest companies. His focus is on creating trusted AI through explainability and transparency and building the next generation of foundation models.
Doug Dubiel
Doug Dubiel Chief Operating Officer
Doug spent over 14 years at Merrill Lynch in several leadership roles. He also spent 13 years at a Forbes 400 family office in executive leadership roles, including Trustee, CIO, and COO. Doug was a Managing Director at Rockefeller Capital Management.
Stefanos Poulis, PhD Chief of AI Research & Development
Stefanos is an AI innovator, scientist, and engineer. He has led teams by providing the vision and execution of AI technologies in search, NLP, conversational AI, and recommendation. He develops algorithms to help machines learn from humans.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Chief Financial Officer
With over 25 years experience, Matt has held senior leadership roles in numerous publicly traded and privately held software and technology companies, including CFO of NTENT and founding executive member at Space Adventures.
Heather Pidgeon
Heather Pidgeon VP, Customer Success
Heather has extensive experience building partnerships with leading brands and aligning goals and strategies to drive results across multiple industries. She was the VP of Professional Services at Skyword and led Service Innovation at iProspect.
Pat LaCroix
Pat LaCroix EVP, Strategic Partnerships
Pat holds 20 years’ experience with leadership roles in global marketing. At Bose, he was responsible for brand marketing, media, and partnerships with the NFL, Spotify, and more. He received the “40 under 40” award from Sports Business Journal.
Phil Marshall
Phil Marshall Principal Product Manager
Phil considers himself a consumer-obsessed product manager with expertise delivering business outcomes and delightful experiences through technology. He loves bringing redefined products to market to uncover hidden value across multiple platforms.
Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd VP, Marketing
Chris holds 15 years’ experience building brands, launching products, and driving growth for global technology and media businesses at the center of news and culture. Prior to Seekr, he led marketing teams at X, Twitter, Fox Sports and News Corporation.
Jon Chang
Jon Chang Director of Product Management
Jon is a product leader bringing over a decade of product management experience, specializing in AI/ML solutions, and has a track record of launching successful B2B and B2C software products. His career includes pivotal roles at Microblink and DataRobot, where he led the development of cutting-edge AI products.
Journalist Advisory Board

Ensuring accurate, responsible and ethical AI

Seekr’s Journalist Advisory Board is comprised of seasoned journalists, experienced editors, and other experts in the field of journalism. The board’s collective expertise and counsel provides the AI model with a nuanced and textured understanding of journalistic standards.

Richard Osborne
Richard Osborne
Ray Suarez
Ray Suarez
Shira Toeplitz Center
Christina Bellantoni
Christina Bellantoni
Michael McCarter
Michael McCarter
Christopher Isham
Christopher Isham

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