Meet the Seekrs: CEO Pat Condo8.2.2022
The Seekr Team

Patience combined with honesty, a big dose of curiosity, temperance, and, of course, humor, is the formula used by Pat Condo, Seekr Co-Founder and CEO, throughout his career. “What is interesting about my trajectory is that I started my career working on navigation systems, which is all about guiding people to their destination. From there, I founded four search companies, which were all about letting people control their own access to information. So, as you can see, navigation and search are sides of the same coin,” said Condo.  

With more than 30 years of experience in search technology, Patrick C. Condo is experienced in bringing cutting-edge search technology to the market. His mission is to provide people with ways to objectively evaluate web-based content and create user interface design that propels the next-generation consumer-centric search experience. 

Before embarking on the Seekr  journey, Condo was CEO of Ntent, which built its search platform specifically developed for the telecommunications industry and deployed worldwide with selected partners. NTENT merged into Seekr last year to provide the underlying search technology that Seekr has built upon. The company generated over $75 million in revenues based on billions of searches since its inception in 2011 when it began as VerticalSearchWorks. 

For him, a positive disruption is more of an evolution. To truly disrupt an industry takes time; it doesn’t happen as fast as people think. A real disruptor pays attention, captures the industry signals, and rapidly assembles the resources to take advantage of a particular trend.  


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