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AI works best for businesses when it’s applied to the unique dynamics of their market. Seekr helps businesses of all industries identify where and how to get started.

Top Companies Trust Seekr

Financial Services

AI is transforming every aspect of the financial industry. From chat assistants that improve customer experiences to contextual insights and analytics into the market, Seekr helps reduce operating costs and drive better financial decisions for you and your customers.



With Seekr’s suite of content scoring and generative AI solutions, advertisers can precisely measure brand safety and suitability, create engaging content that fits their brand, and drive greater brand awareness and revenue. Our AI supports the entire advertising industry, from brands and agencies to publishers and marketplaces.



Healthcare is complex, and improving patient experiences requires effective communication and information management. Seekr streamlines and organizes data to help organizations deliver more comprehensive and holistic customer experiences.

Health Care


As media companies look to deepen audience trust and drive growth, Seekr can help maximize the value of every piece of content and improve processes with generative AI. Enhance audience engagement and optimize your monetization strategies with contextual analytics that support a safe online environment.



Modern challenges in governance are growing. Seekr’s LLMs and proprietary scoring models are built responsibly to help identify signals from the noise, detect emerging narratives, and optimize decision making for greater efficiency and transparency.


Top companies trust Seekr

“The Intel-Seekr collaboration addresses a market gap of finding stable and trusted compute for companies to build trustworthy LLMs with responsibility at the core.”

Markus Flierl Corporate Vice President

“As OneValley continues to expand worldwide, this unique partnership with Seekr will provide our customers with the knowledge they need to win in their markets. We expect usage to continue to grow and enhance life cycle growth from startup to big business.”

Nikhil Sinha CEO

“Seekr’s AI-driven content analysis platform helps simplify our process of finding safe and suitable podcast content to distribute our messaging responsibly.”

Nicholas Giorgio Director, Customer Acquisition

“Our partnership with Seekr is a big step forward in cleaning up digital advertising because it gives advertisers more transparency and contextual clarity into online content, which brands need to confidently and safely reach new audiences.”

Gregg Rogers Senior Director, Curation and Demand Partnerships

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