Seekr AI for Your Industry

Empower your business with the enterprise AI software needed to evaluate and generate trusted information with speed, depth, and scale.

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Reach More Customers Without Sacrificing Your Standards

Maximize ROI with Brand Suitability and Contextual Targeting

Seekr AI processes millions of content pieces in milliseconds to provide real-time data insights crucial for decision-making and ad spend allocations. Evaluating content at the URL level, Seekr AI ensures your brand appears in the right context and protects your reputation.

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Video billboards

Empower Your Content Publishers

High-Quality, Trustworthy Content Generation

Optimize your content with Seekr’s AI-driven solutions to deepen audience trust while increasing your output. Our technology removes subconscious bias from your content to ensure superior reliability and trustworthiness.

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Financial Services

Stop Trading on Commoditized Information

Trustworthy News for Better Financial Decisions

Deliver high-quality, relevant information, to help your customers make informed purchase decisions. Gain a competitive edge with trustworthy summaries built for the financial sector.

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Information Moves Fast. Intelligence Must Move Faster.

Precise and Reliable Insights on Topics that Matter Most

Utilize tools crucial for informed decision-making and effective communication. Seekr’s trusted LLMs and generative AI solutions provide real-time, industry-specific insights to keep you informed about public opinions, narratives, and lineage.

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Government Building

Access and Generate Vital Information

Identify the Credibility of Healthcare Content Against the Highest Medical Standards

Analyze medical literature, extract relevant information, and aid in the decision-making process. Seekr’s trusted LLMs and generative AI solutions provide real-time, industry-specific insights to help you serve the well-being of those who need it most.

Podcast Advertising

Brand Safety Tools to Help You Join the Conversation

Contextually Relevant and Brand-Safe

Align your ads with brand-safe and contextually relevant episodes. Safeguard your brand reputation while maximizing engagement and ROI, striking the perfect balance between reach and risk.

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Person working on laptop

Empower Critical Thinking and Media Literacy

Help Students Discover Reliable Information

Sorting fact from fiction can be tricky. Seekr is here to help educators and students find their way. Gain the tools to confidently embrace the adventure of learning in our modern world.


Want clearer, more transparent data to drive your strategy?

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