OneValley and Seekr: Haystack AI platform

OneValley Launches Haystack, A Unique Generative AI Platform for Startups and SMBs, Powered by Seekr

The trusted AI platform offers entrepreneurs personalized product recommendations and expert advice to successfully operate and grow their businesses.

OneValley, the trusted resource for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, officially launches Haystack AI today, a product review and recommendation platform for early-stage startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), powered by Seekr.

Currently focused on financial tools and management software, Haystack leverages OneValley’s startup expertise and robust community of founders and entrepreneurs with Seekr’s trustworthy large language models (LLMs). The platform will reduce time spent on securing essential business needs by providing accurate, personalized, and instantaneous product recommendations.

In the US alone, 33 million SMBs are searching for financial and technology products to run their business, and thousands of vendors and providers spanning categories and industries are entering the market daily. Entrepreneurs need to become experts in selecting the tools essential to their business which is a very time-consuming and daunting task.

OneValley chose to partner with Seekr because of our ability to provide custom, trustworthy AI solutions that align to their unique business principles while providing transparency and explainability throughout the development process. Seekr’s principle alignment technology enables enterprises to align AI to their desired values and industry regulations without the labor-intensive need to gather and process vast amounts of data.

For Haystack, Seekr’s custom LLMs will power an in-app chatbot to enable product discovery, comparisons, and recommendations for users. Combined with OneValley’s experience guiding founders through the discovery process, Haystack simplifies how SMBs navigate their financial needs. The result is a trusted, consistently fresh resource for entrepreneurs to gain more confidence in their purchase decisions.

“Founding and growing a business requires you to become an expert in just about every category of business tools and services. Today, founders must try to match the complex offerings of dozens of vendors in each category with the very unique needs of their business. Haystack gives founders the highly curated information and insight they need to make the best decision for their business in minutes, not months.

“Partnering with Seekr has enabled us to provide truly individualized and customized information, analysis, and recommendations to Haystack users. Seekr’s LLM produces fast, accurate, reliable and high-quality content through the Haystack chatbot and it is continually learning and adapting to the needs of Haystack users.”
-Nikhil Sinha, CEO at OneValley

Haystack will empower entrepreneurs and SMBs with the services and technology tools they need to grow their business through:

Content built with big picture awareness: Because entrepreneurs are always looking for products that work together, Haystack’s recommendations stem from a deep understanding of the layered decisions startups face when it comes to variables like available integrations and cost. Users can access detailed product profiles and informational content on selecting credit cards, payment solutions, HR products, and financial management tools.

Personalized experiences through conversational AI: Taking into account specifics like team size, future growth plans, funding, and industry needs, Haystack enables entrepreneurs to find the right tools for their unique business at the right time and price. Users can interact with the chatbot on every page, using it to ask questions and to compare multiple products and plans.

“We value OneValley’s commitment to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders with timely and accurate recommendations, tools and solutions. By powering Haystack with Seekr’s custom LLMs that are highly trained for this specific audience, we can further our mission to bring trustworthy and responsible AI that solve specific business challenges to more customers.”
-Rob Clark, President and Chief Technology Officer at Seekr

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