Unlocking the Power of Generative AI: Optimizing RAG for Startups and Enterprises

By Phil Marshall
Principal Product Manager at Seekr

In startups and enterprise businesses, growth is a relentless pursuit. However, the path to consistently delivering value and making a profit is fraught with challenges that can stifle progress and dim the spark of innovation. The key to sustained growth and scalability is not merely adding more tools and processes—it’s streamlining operations and customer experiences to align with company objectives in the most efficient way possible.

Generative AI is considered the latest technology for achieving this, but businesses still struggle to implement AI solutions that understand their information needs and produce real, tangible value.

Enter the world of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems, an advanced AI approach that tackles several crucial challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic business environment, including reducing hallucinations.

Seekr’s approach to helping businesses enhance how they derive value from large language models (LLMs) focuses on ensuring better interaction with customers, making data-driven decisions, and boosting employee productivity while reducing the overall costs typically associated with RAG.

What is Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)?

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a framework that allows LLMs to reference custom data rather than generic and public data, resulting in more accurate and up-to-date responses to user queries. This technology is invaluable for businesses that need AI solutions to understand their specific company information and produce relevant and precise answers for their customers and employees.

How can businesses use RAG to drive value?

Generating more intelligent customer experiences with AI chatbots

The integration of RAG can optimize AI chatbots, transforming them into highly accurate and informative assistants capable of accessing and synthesizing relevant documents and data in real-time. Incorporating RAG capabilities into customer experiences enables businesses to answer queries, provide personalized product recommendations, and solve complex customer issues with a degree of accuracy and personalization that can feel like interacting with a human expert. This elevates the customer experience and allows human capital to dedicate their efforts to solving more nuanced and complex customer problems.

Driving data-informed decision-making

Generative AI with RAG can also be integrated into internal processes to support strategic decision-making. AI’s ability to identify patterns and trends in vast datasets presents an invaluable asset for businesses. By leveraging AI for data analysis, companies can make informed decisions critical to planning and execution. Whether predicting customer churn, optimizing inventory based on demand forecasts, or identifying the next ample market opportunity, AI equips businesses with the insights to navigate the market landscape proactively.

For retail companies, this could mean using Seekr’s solution as a savvy detective, sleuthing through sales data, market shifts, and social media buzz to decode holiday shopping habits. Picture this: it spots a hot product flying off the shelves after a viral post or a sudden snowstorm. Armed with these clues, it predicts how much stock you’ll need each week, factoring in promotions, weather forecasts, and trending tweets. With this crystal ball-like power at your fingertips, you can stock up, delight customers, and watch profits soar.

Boosting productivity through automation

The promise of RAG-based systems lies in their ability to transform operations from a patchwork of disparate data into a streamlined, cohesive ecosystem from which to derive insights. One of AI’s most immediate benefits is its capacity to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

From processing transactions to managing customer data, AI enables businesses to streamline operations, reducing human error and freeing employees to focus on more strategic initiatives. This shift enhances productivity and contributes to overall profitability, positioning companies for sustainable growth.

“Partnering with Seekr has enabled us to provide truly individualized and customized information, analysis, and recommendations for Haystack users. Seekr’s LLM delivers fast, accurate, reliable and high-quality content through the Haystack chatbot and it is continually learning and adapting to the needs of Haystack users.”
-Nikhil Sinha, CEO at OneValley

Reducing costs associated with RAG

For RAG, the cost of retrieval is high due to the large number of input tokens required to fetch relevant documents. Depending on the size of the model and the amount of computing resources needed, a large generalist model and additional costs for hosting documents and evaluation are also associated with RAG. SeekrFlow eliminates these costs by allowing users to build specialist models that already have the answer without needing to retrieve the information.

Customizing AI with SeekrFlow principle alignment

There are faster and more cost-effective ways to optimize LLM inference. SeekrFlow simplifies the model training process with proprietary principle alignment technology. This process allows businesses to align AI to their enterprise’s desired principles, values, and industry regulations without the labor-intensive need to gather and process vast amounts of data.

This ability significantly reduces the downstream cost of RAG-based systems while ensuring the AI model adheres to specific requirements. Principally aligned AI models don’t have to process relevant documents before generating an accurate answer; these models already know the answer due to the domain-specific knowledge incorporated in training.

With SeekrFlow, companies can create specialist models with enhanced accuracy, relevance, and efficiency by defining their requirements and letting Seekr’s virtual AI/ML engineer take care of data scraping, collection, and preprocessing for them. This system will automatically integrate the cleansed data into the workflow, saving time and resources without sacrificing outcomes.


Integrating RAG-based AI systems represents a forward-thinking approach to business growth and operational excellence. It’s a testament to the power of technology to solve existing business challenges and open doors to new opportunities, strategies, and ways of engaging with internal and external customers.

As companies navigate the complexities of the digital age, RAG solutions with proprietary principle alignment technology can help businesses advance toward a future defined by efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced customer and employee experiences.

Interested in learning how Seekr’s custom AI solutions can drive innovation for your business? Contact the Seekr team to help guide you to the right solution for your brand, market, and customer challenges.