Seekr and Intel Collaborate to Deliver Trusted, Responsible AI Solutions for Enterprise Customers

A new collaboration of compute and responsible AI combine to accelerate the deployment of foundation models with less error and bias.
Seekr Team
April 16, 2024

Seekr, a leading artificial intelligence company specializing in reliable content evaluation and generation, and Intel, a global leader in computing innovation, development, and production, today announced a multi-year strategic collaboration to deliver the next generation of trustworthy large language models (LLM) and foundation models.

Trusted AI is the responsible implementation of transformational generative AI, and this new collaboration will be a key driver to enterprise adoption. Seekr solutions operating on Intel® Tiber™ Developer Cloud aim to become a price-performance leader in the age of foundational LLMs as well as custom LLMs required in modern solutions.


SeekrFlow enables IDC and Gaudi customers to develop LLMs using a workload-first approach—eliminating the complexity of training models on different hardware platforms and cloud ecosystems. SeekrFlow manages the entire workflow—including computational resources, external dependencies, and monitoring—all through a simple interface that works across hardware and cloud platforms.

As a part of the collaboration, Intel and Intel’s customers, through Intel Tiber Developer Cloud, immediately gain access to SeekrFlow, Seekr’s suite of responsible and explainable LLMs and a turnkey toolset where users can build and train their own trusted AI on Intel® Gaudi® AI accelerators.

Seekr clients and Intel Tiber Developer Cloud clients alike can now accelerate their transition to Intel Tiber Developer Cloud’s reliable and explainable AI infrastructure of continuous computing and cloud resources currently on Gaudi 2 accelerators and soon on next generation Gaudi 3 accelerators and on AI-optimized Intel® Xeon® CPUs.

This new collaboration represents a meaningful step toward bringing AI everywhere where the combination of Intel’s world-class compute and Seekr’s next generation models and tools deliver advantageous price-performance solutions to enterprises seeking impact and value.


“Through Intel Tiber Developer Cloud, users can optimize, deploy and scale their AI solutions on a unique, AI-accelerated platform with performance, price-performance and scalability. The Intel-Seekr collaboration addresses a market gap of finding stable and trusted compute for companies to build trustworthy LLMs with responsibility at the core. Intel is AI everywhere—and AI startups and large enterprises alike are coming to Intel Tiber Developer Cloud to access advanced AI infrastructure and software that can help jumpstart their innovation and growth.”

Markus Flierl, Corporate Vice President of Intel Tiber Developer Cloud


“Computing power, at the best price-performance, is the major hurdle for breakthrough AI technologies—Intel’s world-class compute capabilities and Gaudi accelerators unlock that opportunity for Seekr. Foundation models are primarily built from popular data, not credible data. Seekr’s trustworthy AI products combined with the ‘AI first’ Intel Tiber Developer Cloud reduces errors and bias, so organizations of all sizes can access reliable LLMs and foundation models to unlock productivity and fuel innovation, running on trusted hardware. Our collaboration with Intel will lead to the next great advancements in trustworthy AI.”

Rob Clark, President & CTO of Seekr


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