Rob Clark Joins Intel Enterprise Board of Advisors

Seekr’s Rob Clark Joins Intel Enterprise Board of Advisors

April 11th, 2024

Seekr President and CTO Rob Clark joined industry leaders in Phoenix, Arizona this week at the inaugural Intel Enterprise Board of Advisors meeting to share his vision for bringing trustworthy artificial intelligence to businesses and developers around the world.

Mr Clark has over 20 years’ experience in AI and web-scale technologies, having led AI and search solutions for the world’s largest companies. His focus is on creating trustworthy AI solutions that give enterprises the confidence to innovate responsibly and unlock productivity.

The Intel Enterprise Board of Advisors is a hand selected group of 19 cross-industry leaders who aim to foster innovation, address real world challenges, and share best practices to drive business growth through AI.

The board of directors engaged on several topics around the future of AI, including:

  • Barriers to AI adoption today, such as the lack of contestability and transparency in today’s foundation models
  • Real world application of generative AI that businesses can unlock using their data
  • How businesses can build, scale, and validate their own trustworthy AI

Seekr is actively working to address these topics and grow businesses across industries by accelerating the adoption of responsible and explainable AI.

“It is a fantastic and very tangible initiative by Intel to recognize the impact industry leaders can have when we come together to solve the common opportunities and challenges presented by AI. Particularly when it comes to trustworthy AI, I am excited to support Intel and my peers with insights, ideas and specific solutions that unlock value and measurable ROI”
– Rob Clark, Seekr President and CTO

Seekr is a fast-growing AI company building trustworthy large language models and foundation models that identify, score, and generate reliable content at scale.

Seekr is scaling to use thousands of Intel Gaudi accelerators within Intel Developer Cloud to train its own foundation models, and support its suite of enterprise products.