SimpliSafe uses SeekrAlign to grow podcast advertising reachSuccess Story: How SimpliSafe Grows Brand-Safe Podcast Reach with Contextual AI

April 15th, 2024

SimpliSafe is on a mission to make every home secure through their trusted home security solutions, and they’re always looking for innovative ways to reach their target audience through media. One of their biggest strategies is podcast advertising—they’ve been at the forefront of this channel for the past 10 years.

Because SimpliSafe maintains relationships with hundreds of podcast partners at any given time, their team struggled to monitor thousands of hours of show content to ensure their ads were surrounded by appropriate, brand-safe content.

Growing reach responsibly with Seekr’s contextual and transparent AI

SimpliSafe integrated SeekrAlign into their workflow to help them monitor and grow their podcast campaigns. SeekrAlign uses patented contextual AI to help brands and publishers reach the broadest and most suitable audience possible through precise and transparent risk scores.

Content discovery

With thousands of podcasts and 20+ million minutes of audio scored, SeekrAlign makes it easy for SimpliSafe to find new podcasts, both top-ranked and niche, to connect with their target audience. With Civility Scores, content ratings, and episode-level analysis, they feel confident that they’re expanding their advertising reach while upholding their brand values.

Brand safety monitoring

SimpliSafe uses SeekrAlign to monitor their current show roster and make sure the hosts they’re partnering with and the content they’re surrounding their brand with remains appropriate and brand safe.

“With Seekr, we are able to find brand-safe podcasts through which we can reach the right audiences and ultimately introduce SimpliSafe’s home security solutions to more homeowners.”
-Nick Giorgio | Director, Customer Acquisition at SimpliSafe

Evaluating content and context with Seekr’s patented Civility Score™

Seekr’s patented Civility Score evaluates spoken intent in podcast conversations to help SimpliSafe go deeper in their brand safety evaluation. It provides more information about the show content so they can understand the context behind what the host said and clearly evaluate the brand safety impact.

“I think what really sets SeekrAlign apart from other brand safety tools is the Civility Score. It gives us an ongoing rating of all the partners we work with.”
-Nick Giorgio | Director, Customer Acquisition at SimpliSafe

With the ability to track show ratings over time, they can stay informed of changes in civility and uncover brand safety concerns as they arise. This empowers them to adjust their media strategy in real-time and stay ahead of any PR risks before they happen.

Partners in safe and trustworthy technology

SimpliSafe and Seekr share values of building trust and safety through technology. SeekrAlign, powered by Intel Developer Cloud, delivers the reliability and transparency SimpliSafe needs to stand out in their market and scale their campaigns with confidence.

“As a brand driven by trust and safety, it was important for us to find a solution that shared SimpliSafe’s values. Seekr powered by Intel Developer Cloud is just that platform as it empowers us to wrangle the scale problem of monitoring podcasts thoughtfully and ensure that where we advertise matches our customer profiles.”
-Nick Giorgio | Director, Customer Acquisition at SimpliSafe

Grow your reach responsibly with SeekrAlign

SimpliSafe joins a growing list of customers using Seekr’s contextual and transparent AI to discover more brand-suitable opportunities in the long tail of podcast advertising. Head to SeekrAlign to watch a demo and get in touch with us as we expand Align to become the omnichannel solution for the advertising industry.