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Empower your business with the enterprise AI software needed to evaluate and generate trusted information with speed, depth, and scale.

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Brand Safety & Suitability

Traditional brand safety tools rely on keyword lists. You apply a set of terms to include or exclude, and are left with a reachable market a fraction of the size you budgeted for.

Seekr AI’s, context-driven suitability solution, allows you to expand your reach to connect with a larger audience while confidently aligning with brand-safe content.

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Trusted Content Generation

With collaboration at the forefront, our platform provides real-time insights into your content’s quality and subjectivity, helping you craft stories that engage, inform, and inspire.

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Content Rating &

Manual content reviews are slow and expensive. But your businesses can’t risk damaging audience trust trying to balance operational efficiency with trustworthy content.

Seekr AI evaluates your content at scale, providing ratings in real-time to eliminate bias and subjectivity. Cut your content budget while ensuring your content’s integrity and audience trust.

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Seekr Score

Want clearer, more transparent data to drive your strategy?

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