LiveOne and Seekr to Launch Industry-First AI Search Engine for Music Artists

Seekr Team
July 2, 2024
liveone and seekr partner for ai search and discovery tool
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The creator-first music, entertainment, and technology platform LiveOne announced a partnership today with Seekr to build the industry’s first AI-powered search platform for beats and sounds.

“The Seekr platform’s AI search engine, combined with our extensive collection of beats and sounds, creates a limitless potential for artists and creators to align and create music and recurring revenue streams.”

Robert Ellin, LiveOne CEO

The subscription-based platform will be available for creators by the end of the year to aid in music creation and licensing with innovative technology. The offering will unlock new revenue streams for artists and creators in a multi-billion-dollar market, solidifying LiveOne’s commitment to innovation and artist support. Thanks to Seekr’s multi-year collaboration with Intel, LiveOne’s search and discovery platform will run on the Intel Developer Cloud.

“We are thrilled to work with LiveOne on this exciting venture. Their content catalog and knowledge in this market is unmatched and through the application of our generative AI, we’re collaborating on a novel offering for creators seeking to build innovative and efficient music solutions.”

Pat Condo, Founder & CEO, Seekr

About LiveOne, Inc.

LiveOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: LVO) is an award-winning, creator first, music, entertainment, and technology platform delivering premium experiences and content worldwide. With subsidiaries like Slacker Radio and PodcastOne, LiveOne has garnered accolades for its innovative approach, including the Best Live Moment award by Digiday for the “Social Gloves” PPV Event.

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