Generate smarter customer experiences using your data

Unlock the full potential of your data. SeekrGenerate combines trustworthy and transparent LLMs with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to deliver more accurate and personalized customer experiences through chatbots, content generation, insight extraction, and more.

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Get started with no-code generative AI solutions


Create chatbots that mean business

Chat helps make product experiences more relevant and personalized by safely combining your own data with Seekr’s trustworthy large language models and Retrieval-Augmented Generation.


Generate copy for any context

Create and scale impactful content across social media, website landing pages, advertising copy, project management documentation, and more to get from concept to execution faster.


Effortlessly extract insights at scale

In a world of information overload, Summarize helps boost your company’s productivity by instantly distilling the key points of documents and articles without sacrificing their original meaning.

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The Seekr Difference



Some complex problems require domain-specific data to solve. Leverage RAG to enhance precision when it matters most.



Seekr interprets and rates all content using patented scoring technology to ensure consistent quality outputs.



Seekr LLMs avoid black-box decision-making through inference engineering that prioritizes openness and clarity.

Hear it from our customers

“As OneValley continues to expand worldwide, this unique partnership with Seekr will provide our customers with the knowledge they need to win in their markets. We expect usage to continue to grow and enhance life cycle growth from startup to big business.”

Nikhil Sinha CEO of OneValley

Power your business with trustworthy generative AI

The potential of AI is endless but can also be overwhelming. The Seekr team is here to guide you to the right solution for your unique brand, market, and customer challenges.

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