Seekr and Intel’s Shared Commitment to Accelerating Responsible Enterprise AI 

Rob Clark
President & Chief Technology Officer
April 25, 2024
Seekr and Intel accelerate responsible AI adoption

Interest in Seekr is at an all-time high following our multi-year collaboration announcement with Intel Corporation, featured this week in Intel’s quarterly earnings highlights. We are bringing in new customers, developing innovative new products, and building go-to-market plans that include international expansion.

The Intel-Seekr collaboration addresses a significant market gap by offering trustworthy and responsible LLMs at the best price-performance for customers. This combination enables Seekr and Intel to overcome the biggest barriers to enterprise AI adoption today.

1. Reducing the true lifecycle cost of enterprise AI

The true lifecycle cost of AI adoption today remains either unknown or misunderstood by many enterprises that recognize the need to embrace this technology but struggle to implement successfully. Technology research firm Gartner, Inc. has estimated that 85% of artificial intelligence and machine learning projects fail to produce a return for the business.

A real barrier to entry is enterprises having access to affordable and available compute to manage their AI workloads. Through our collaboration with Intel Tiber Developer Cloud using the latest Gaudi AI accelerators and Xeon CPUs, Seekr is dropping that cost and providing availability that enterprises can rely on.

Our real-world benchmarks showed superior performance to contemporaries, at up to 90% cheaper cost.

2. Foundation models: It matters what your AI is built on

Today’s closed-source foundation models are built from popular data, not reliable data, which creates several challenges for enterprise AI adoption.

Unknown and outdated training sets, biases in the training data (leading to biased responses), and a lack of explainability and contestability make it impossible to trust the accuracy and reliability of these models. As a result, enterprises are being overwhelmed by significant costs and ballooning resources required to overcome errors and biases – point solutions alone cannot solve it.

Seekr is changing that by developing foundation models built with responsibility and explainability at the core. Our proprietary technologies in content collection and patented analysis give Seekr an unrivalled collection of vetted information to train trustworthy foundation models with reduced bias, error, and hallucinations.


3. Solving industry-specific problems through principle alignment

One of the biggest pitfalls of generically trained LLMs is that they struggle in tasks that require domain expertise, often producing conflicting results.

For example, in highly regulated industries like government and finance, there are a host of compliance requirements that must be incorporated into any generative AI solution—whether that is a chat agent, auditing tool, or product recommendation engine. Simply introducing retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) as a catch-all solution comes with an inherent decrease in inference speed and a rapid increase in cost.

SeekrFlow, an end-to-end AI development toolset, simplifies and demystifies the alignment process for enterprises to fine-tune AI to their desired principles, values, and industry regulations, still leveraging RAG for the most up-to-date content with faster speed and reduced cost.

4. Transparency in data security and privacy

Generative AI enables enterprises to unlock their data’s full potential. Yet there is growing distrust about how their data is being used, stored, and where it could end up. For example, is it being used in other company’s models?

We are developing strict data infrastructure and protocols to ensure all customer data remains siloed and never finds its way into our foundation models, as well as transparent policies and statements that detail our compliance measures with the highest degree of specificity.

Compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPPA, and others are critical to accelerating the responsible adoption of generative AI. That’s why we are collaborating with industry leaders like Intel who share our values of trustworthy and transparent AI. We live by the mantra that “Your data is yours.”

Let’s accelerate enterprise AI adoption responsibly

Seekr’s collaboration with Intel will accelerate the next generation of trustworthy AI solutions and unlock generative AI adoption for enterprises. With a focus on affordability, trustworthiness, and ethical practices, we are paving the way for responsible innovation worldwide.

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