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At Seekr we build, manage, and deploy LLMs that are responsible and trustworthy. We deliver industry-specific solutions that drive growth, improve customer experiences, and reduce costs and inefficiencies.

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Responsible Outputs for Your Industry

  • Principled: Expert informed LLMs and tools aligned with customer or industry-specific principles.
  • Explainable​: Transparent tools, methodologies, and scoring factors that enable clear, credible, and predictable outputs at every inference point​
  • Responsible: Integrates expert human input and ethical guidelines continuously throughout all training and inference points​.

Drive Growth

Change body copy to: Boost productivity and drive more effective outputs with reliable AI generation at your fingertips.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce response times, deliver tailored user experiences, and drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce Costs & Risk

Use actionable data insights and AI summaries to create more effective strategies with next-level speed and clarity.

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