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Seekr Align

Confidence & Control

A superior suitability tool for digital content that allows you to connect with larger audiences safely and intelligently while staying true to your values and requirements.

  • Web & Audio content scored on the GARM framework allows agencies and brands to align their advertising with suitable, relevant content.
  • Incorporates proprietary Seekr Civility Score™ that identifies the severity and frequency of personal attacks.
  • Nuanced content evaluation that focuses on content alignment over topic avoidance.
Confidence Control
Seekr Score

Content Evaluation at Scale

Evaluate online content for reliability, discover the highest quality information across publishers, and improve your decisions and strategy.

  • Access credible insights across millions of content pieces in milliseconds.
  • Score content at the URL level for deeper clarity into the reliability of publishers and creators.
  • Analyze content as fast as it’s published and make informed decisions with the most up-to-date information.
Seekr Score Factors

Transparent Evaluations

Understand the why, where, and how behind content ratings with in-depth analyses and explainable AI.

  • Byline: No Author = No Accountability
  • Title Exaggeration: The title overstates aspects of the article.
  • Subjectivity: The article is full of opinions that go beyond facts.
  • Clickbait: You’re so curious or emotional you can’t resist clicking.
  • Personal Attack: The article attacks people with not-so-nice words.
  • Political Lean: Detects political lean and reveals bias in news topics.
Seekr Score

Have Confidence in Your Content

Decision Makers

Explore reliable content from across the spectrum and draw your own conclusions.

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