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Drive Better Decisions with Seekr AI

Empower your business with the enterprise AI software you need to evaluate and generate trusted information with unmatched speed, scale, and depth.

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Seekr for Decision Makers

Content Evaluation at Scale

The media ecosystem is increasingly rifled with waste, fraud, polarization, and misinformation. 

Seekr AI brings clarity to your decision-making with reliable, real-time data insights to inform and support investments.

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Seekr for Marketers

Brand Suitable Media Planning

Expand your reach while confidently aligning with brand-safe content.

Seekr AI equips advertisers with the data and brand suitability information to confidently drive media buying decisions.

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Seekr for Creators

Reliable Generative AI 

Cut your content budget while ensuring your content’s integrity and audience trust.

Our LLM delivers responsible generative AI solutions that allow you to increase your output and create more original content with accuracy and efficiency.

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Want clearer, more transparent data to drive your strategy?

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